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This is where I share my projects and professional life, enjoy 🙂

About me :

I have a Masters degree from TELECOM Saint-Etienne, and a PhD (thèse CIFRE Défense, with French Ministry of Defense grant) from the University of Lyon in France. I worked at the Hubert Curien Laboratory in Saint-Etienne, France and Survey Copter (Airbus D&S subsidiary).

I spent the last six years in the field of UAVs, I worked with EO and LWIR cameras and developped embedded image processing and computer vision algorithms, ie image stabilization, moving objects detection and tracking.

I spent a year as a visiting scholar at UCF Center for Research in Computer Vision, USA, under the supervision of Dr. Mubarak Shah whom I thank for this opportunity. We worked on safe path planning for UAVs navigation in urban areas.

Contact :

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